IMovie Distort and Morph  v.4.0.1

Distort and Morph is an iMovie plug-in solution that offers high-quality Morph and Distortion effects and transitions.

Distort & Twist  v.1.0

Distort & Twist is an iMovie plug-in that allows you to 'stretch' the four corners of the clip any which way you like.


Blue Satin Skin  v.2 2

Blue Satin Skin 2.2 is a skin to be used with MorpVOX Voice Changing Software. MorphVOX is a program able to distort your voice and broadcast it changed, along with different sound effects.

Sqirlz Lite  v.1 4

Animate, bend, distort and loop a selected part of any image by drawing an outline around it, and then a second outline to define the shape to be molded into.

Xi-WARP  v.1. 2. 2003

Xi-WARP lets you bend and distort any image simply by drawing two outlines - one around the part you want to distort, and another to define the shape to be molded into.

Face-OP  v.2.0

Disfigure and distort photos (e.g. faces) merrily. The result can be printed or saved. Disfigure photos in a strange and skurrile manner. The program opens many picture file formats. Strength and radius of the effect scan be varied variously.

Voice-Warper  v.1.0

With the program you distort voices in form of wav files. You can change pitch and speed of the voice.

CamWow  v.

Distort, fatten, pinch, and stylize your camera with real-time filters just like Photo Booth! See effects applied LIVE before you take your photo! ★★★ Features ★★★ • Real-time effects applied directly to your camera! • Perfectly

Problem in OST File  v.3.2

Problem in OST File: OST files distort due to loss of Network connectivity as well as crash of Exchange Server then utilize OST File Reader solution to easily recapture OST emails and convert into new PST file format.

FlexoStepX for Illustrator CS  v.1.0

FlexoStep helps you create and reproduce labels using Adobe Illustrator or Freehand.

FlexoStepX for Illustrator CS2  v.1.1

FlexoStep is the answer for everyone in the flexographic printing business!

App iGoo  v.1.0.0

Distort photographic portraits into caricatures.

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